Follow-up Verdict for Pickled Eggs!

If you missed the post on Pickled Eggs, you can read it here!

Well, let me just say I now understand the fierce debate surrounding pickled eggs.  Yowsa!  Are these babies good!  My big plan for today is go buy another 2 dozen eggs to get them marinating because we’re more than halfway through the THREE JARS of eggs in my fridge.  I can understand the urge to can them, because if 5 days in the fridge has made them as delicious as they are, then a month in the pantry invites an image of my husband crouching, Gollum-style in a corner clutching a jar of hot pickled eggs screeching “My Precious!” at us.

Here’s the breakdown:  Out of the three different recipes I made, I like the beet eggs the least.  I use “least” loosely, implying that in the event of a fire, I would still save them, but if they slipped out of my arms and crashed to the floor I would wipe a tear and keep running.  These eggs were fantastic on a salad, but require a little salt on the yolk when eating as is.

My husband likes the hot ones the best.  They are the most flavorful, and the yolk is permeated all the way through with delicious garlic and jalapeno essence.  I have actually put poor Ty on a ban from the eggs for a few days, or until we get new windows that open all the way.

True to form, I like the pickle juice eggs the best.  They taste just like pickles!  I highly recommend adding the garlic cloves to the brine, it really pumps up the flavor.  I do NOT recommend biting into one of the garlic cloves to see what pickled garlic tastes like, though.  Not unless you want to taste garlic the rest of the day, that is.  For the record, it just tastes like fresh garlic and not like roasted pickle garlic, which is what I think I was expecting.

My Dad loved all three equally, and sent me a text telling me so.  I still think it’s funny that my parents text now.

So there you have it.  If you were in doubt about making your own pickled eggs, or whether or not you should consider trying a pickled egg, you now have your verdict.  Go boil some eggs!

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3 thoughts on “Follow-up Verdict for Pickled Eggs!

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  2. Awesome. I am going to make these!!!

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