Freezer Foods: A Borrowed List

Pinterest is such a great resource.  Like Facebook, Blu-Ray and smartphones, it’s one of the many technological advances that I resisted inviting into my life and later regretted waiting so long to do.  I’ve only been “on” Pinterest for a few months now, but have already discovered so many clever ways to do different things, or ways to turn mundane household items into something life-enhancing.  Mostly I just “pin” these ideas, store them away for a day when I’m staring at a wall with nothing to do.  It’s hard to imagine such a day exists!  But my favorite thing about Pinterest so far is all the really, super cool blogs it has lead me to!  I saw a pin for foods that can easily be frozen and checked it out.  It lead me to Andrea’s blog, Simple Organized Living, where I stayed, fascinated, for the next hour and ravaged her blog.  She covers a range of topics from organization to frugal living and homemade natural cleaning products as well as some other topics.  I recommend checking it out!  For now, here’s the gist of her post on freezing foods:

Freezable Foods

  • Breads
  • Baking Supplies
  • Dairy
  • Fruits
  • Herbs and Vegetables
  • Meals (Soups, Casseroles, Meats)

Click the link above to read explanations on how to freeze these foods!  I would say from my own freezing experience so far, I don’t care for the taste of some bread, especially buns, that come from the freezer.  A loaf of store-bought bread seems to be fine, but buns for some reason just taste stale to me.  I would also say that when I made meals ahead of time and freeze them, I usually just freeze the protein/sauce of the meal, and add the carbohydrate, like noodles or rice, later.  Grains freeze just fine in soups or sauces, but if they’re just resting underneath a sauce and not mixed in, they don’t taste as good as when made fresh.  That’s really just my own opinion, though!

Also check out this follow-up post:  Freezer Cooking FAQ’s.  Really good stuff!

And if you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, don’t put it off any longer!  It’s not just for women, either.  It is basically Google Images, except easier to navigate.

Anyone else have any really good freezer recipes?  Also, anyone want to enter into a cheerful debate on upright freezers vs. chest freezers?  I have an upright that came with our house and love it, but have heard some good arguments for chest freezers as well.

P.S. Anyone else notice that Andrea uses {these} instead of (these)?  I was immediately drawn to the “pretty parentheses” so don’t be surprised if you start seeing MY blog graced with those.  😉

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2 thoughts on “Freezer Foods: A Borrowed List

  1. Andrea

    thanks for the shout-out Chelsea!
    I’ve heard that chest freezers can store more food — but I’ve always been an “upright lover” myself… because they are SOOO much easier to organize and you can actually see everything you have.

    • I agree with you, Andrea! I always appreciate just being able to reach in and grab what I need without having to do any rooting around. (Well, there’s some rooting around…my freezer isn’t quite as organized as yours;) )

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