Mother’s Day Ideas

If you are my Mom or my Mom-in-Law STOP READING THIS!  Unless you want to to veto your gift.  Because I haven’t made it yet, but this is what I’m planning on making you.  Unless I change my mind and make something else.  Or buy you a plant like I do every year…


For the rest of you looking for ideas, here’s a good one!  These are just inexpensive Terra cotta pots from the hardware store,  about $1 each, painted with inexpensive acrylic craft paints.  I made these little pots yesterday for a group of mom-friends.  I’m a table leader at my church’s mom’s group, MOMentum, and last night was our last meeting until fall.


They were such a great group of women, and I just loved hanging out with them twice a month!  So I painted them each a little pot and they turned out so cute that I thought they would make cute Mother’s Day gifts!  It took me about 2 hrs to paint 10 pots, and it was so much fun to do!


I got a few ideas off Pinterest, and some were just inspired by the way I felt yesterday.  (Which, fortunately, was pretty happy 😉 )  For my friends I added a perennial, a packet of giant sunflowers (I’ve always wanted to grow those!) and some gummy worms for funsies 🙂



I thought making these in a few different sizes would be nice too.  I’d like to try using my alkyd paints on a few and paint scenes or flowers or something, too!  A high-gloss finish coat would really class them up, too.  What do you think?


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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Ideas

  1. Love this!

  2. awielfaert

    I also LOVE this. What kind of paints did you use? I think I might need to try this. 🙂 LOVE your creativity!

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